Corporate Partnership

Evolution forged by better leadership

How would you rate your corporate culture? Are there effective leaders throughout the organization? How long is the average employee tenure? Workplace cultures are built over years of success and often erode in spans of diminished success or transition.

If your company is ready for a culture evolution through improved widespread leadership, then The Nielsen Group is ready to be your partner in change. Our foundation for change and leadership is built on:

  • Leadership
  • Team/individual goal alignment
  • Team building
  • Actionable goal setting
  • Team meeting rhythms
  • Accountability sessions

Our leadership and cultural development expertise includes:

  • Executive DISC profile and communication
  • Behavioral change/communication enhancement coaching
  • Wildly important goal session
  • Lead vs. lag measurement session
  • Actions on lead Measurements
  • Creating a cadence of accountability

Partner with The Nielsen Group to foster evolution forged by better leadership.

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