Business Coaching Success Story

People new to business, or struggling in their current role, tend to be fearful of letting anyone else see their shortcomings. This spirals into poor performance and daily stress which quickly becomes evident in operations and bottom line. I saw this in myself as my business grew rapidly. I knew my job well but was overcome with all that I did not know, nor felt I had the time to learn.

Recognizing I have my own areas of difficulty and no desire to fail, I called Ron for advice. Ron showed me the process, assured me my concerns were shared by many entrepreneurs, and helped me put new perspective into my business practices. He taught me to breathe and begin with a plan, not just a business plan, but a daily and weekly plan. He taught me to take back my “time” and use what I had efficiently. He helped me to realize I do have what it takes to be a successful business woman and that this is a process to adopt into everyday life, not just a session. This was revealed through a conscientious change in my behavior, gradually and consistently. Not only did I benefit but so did my employees. They have a happy, balanced employer and have been empowered to use the same methods to enjoy their own successes.

I would recommend Ron’s services to any professional who struggles with avenues of business practice. His factual, nonjudgmental approach helped me steer my business into a solid and sustainable future while enjoying the balance that keeps the company, and me, happy.


Tina Thill, Owner – Libby’s HouseĀ